• Catherine is a PT on the Broadway show I’m working on. I’ve dealt with chronic back, neck, and leg pain due to the demands if the show. Not only do I feel relief after each session with Catherine, I also feel empowered by the tools she gives me to manage my symptoms. I call her “Sherlock” because in our sessions, she really takes the time to solve whatever issue I’m dealing and isn’t satified until she’s figured out the effective treatment. I highly recommend her to professional performers or anyone dealing with pain, wanting to get back on their feet!

    Ashley Bryant, Actress

  • Catherine has worked with our Broadway cast for many months now and she is the best of the business. The difference between her and other physical therapists is that she takes the time, the notes, and the care to give you a personalized treatment every single visit. I never feel like Catherine is offering me some prescribed response but that she’s really looking at me and my injury with fresh eyes and careful consideration. I always leave feeling better and more confident that my physical therapy is working.

    Jonathan Fielding

  • A few years ago, when I was in my first trimester of my second pregnancy, I herniated three discs (C5-7). The pain I inexperienced was intolerable and was felt in the least expected places. I was very limited in my treatment options and, after having different types of therapy treatments go wrong in the past, I had much resistance and little trust when considering options this time around.

    In comes Dr. Catherine Hung…. I was in my office, with tears in my eyes and radiating pain in my neck, down my arm, back and across my face when a colleague suggested that I go see her ‘amazing’ Physical Therapist down the street. In desperation, I went for a consultation.

    Catherine and I started to work together during the end of my first trimester and continued until after I gave birth. Throughout the next eight months, Catherine carefully crafted a treatment plan that would fit my personal situation and needs.  No medicine. No electronic machinery.  Catherine treated me exclusively with manual therapy (yes, she has the golden touch!) and exercise techniques.  Aside from Catherine’s competence and expertise, what made our work together so successful was the patience she exercised with me, as sometimes I was too afraid and stubborn to try new exercises in fear that I would feel more pain following, as well as her listening skills.  At any time, Catherine was willing to try a new course of action, or approach, to help me rehabilitate; she showed compassion and empathy, which helped me get through this physically and emotionally tough time.

    Working with Catherine was very much a life changing experience for me. Had I not started working with Catherine when I did, I am not sure that I would have been able to continue taking care of my three year old son (at the time) and my soon-to-be newborn baby.  Today, although I do not actively receive treatment from Catherine, we do keep in touch and I respect her advice and friendship.  Should I ever need Physical Therapy again,  I would only work with Catherine – even if it meant traveling to New Jersey for treatment!

    Melissa C.

  • Having severe pain and limited mobility in my right arm, I was sent to see Catherine Hung for Physical Therapy.   She quickly assessed all parts of my arm using a thorough assessment. She put me through a series of tests and formulated a plan to gain strength and movement in my right arm. At first my symptoms were not textbook specific. It turned out that it was a combination of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Frozen Shoulder. After each therapy treatment, she revised and updated her plan based on my response to the treatment. She truly is a miracle worker. In 4 weeks I had my arm back again and continued treatment to repair it 100%. Her professionalism and knowledge is stellar and I highly recommend anyone who needs Physical Therapy to seek Catherine Hung for treatment. She’s the BEST!!!

    JoAnn Nocera

  • Anyone with chronic back and neck pain knows how debilitating it is, limiting ability to work and to enjoy basic activities. Five years after cervical fusion I was in an automobile accident, my pain level was very high and constant. My mobility was extremely limited. I did the “medical circuit,” orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, neurologist, pain medication, muscle relaxers, epidural injections, etc..

    What has given me back a good quality of life is Catherine. She truly cares about her patients as individuals. Her therapy sessions are always hands on and unique; not “one size fits all!” If I am having a bad pain week, Kathleen will find time in her busy schedule, traveling between offices, to treat my pain.

    Listening to a patient is a wonderful diagnostic tool most doctors and physical therapists ignore. Catherine listens as well as doing physical assessments. She will then research and apply techniques targeting your specific physical needs. Although she is very professional, her caring personality and warmth of heart comes through. You know you are in skilled hands with every touch.

    George Da Ponte

  • I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Dr. Catherine Hung , my Physical Therapist, for her highly competent and caring support in the treatment of my torn rotator cuff recovery. Dr. Hung has pushed me with my rehabilitation and has challenged me personally each session.  Catherine has a unique approach.  She can target the effected muscles and work them to respond. This approach may be uncomfortable at times but the result has been nothing but positive.  At the start of the session, I may only be able to bend or lift my arm 40 or 50% but Dr. Hung can pinpoint the muscles affected through deep massage and targeted stretching thus increasing the mobility and range of motion.  I am amazed to see how quickly my shoulder area has recovered from my injury and subsequent surgery. From my initial consultation, through 5 weeks of exercises, and stretching routines, I have made steady progress and have increased my strength after each session.  Catherine is creative when developing my routines and exercises mixing things up as I continue to improve.   Inevitably, I feel better, looser and stronger after every visit. Thank you for treatment you have provided me.

    James Riordan

  • I experienced such pain in my shoulder and back.  This been going on for over 2 years on and off.  I went to the clinic associated with my health plan.  The name of my therapist was Catherine Hung.  She started working on the targeted areas, after much pain and suffering something started happening.  She moved the muscles and I felt so much relief.  I felt like a new woman.  Her hands worked every muscle in my back and shoulders.  This a true statement.  I would recommend Catherine Hung to anyone that may be suffering from back, shoulder and any other chronic pain that you feel is never going away.

    Donna P.

  • I met Catherine in July 2012 at the Carteret Comprehensive Medical in Carteret, NJ. I
    pain following an auto accident for 1 year and 10 months in the tailbone. I was treated at the Carteret Comprehensive Medical for 10 months following the accident in 2010 and was discharged because there was no change with my problem, even with physical therapy.
    I had been advised by my attorney to get reevaluated in the tailbone because I was still
    This time, Catherine was my physical therapist and started working on the tailbone area. In one session I was painfree in the tailbone. Catherine re-aligned the tailbone. I was amazed. There was absolutely no pain in the tailbone. Normally, every time I would sit, I would feel the bone sticking out. I had been in pain and very comfortable. Catherine’s “magic fingers” working on my tailbone and muscles around it straightened everything out. I continued physical therapy with Catherine for 1 month, with massages to my lower back to loosen the muscles. She also taught me stretching exercises which I continue to do at home.
    With great pleasure I recommend my physical therapist, Catherine, to any position dealing with people in pain.

    Kathryn A. D

  • Thanks again for the superb service – Catherine’s work was outstanding – I only needed 2 sessions with her in order to feel much better – after having been in pain for almost 6 months. Now my pain is almost completely gone, as I continue to do the leg exercises that she recommended. Keep up the good work!

    Helen W.

  • Yes my physical therapy session with Catherine have been very helpful and beneficial for my hurts. The sessions started on time and Catherine was very professional. Her hands are expert and found just the right spots for debumping or smoothing out. She varied the sessions and was interested in knowing if each therapy was working. She communicates very well. Thank you for your expertise.

    Carole C.

  • I had a knee replacement and Catherine has been my therapist since day 1. She is highly respected and a caring physical therapist. She listens to her patients and kept me on track to reach my goal. Thanks to Catherine

    Mary D.